Wednesday, August 17, 2011

QRs just got easier to use: does it for you.

Recently I wrote a post about the awesomeness of QR codes, and I also wrote a post about why it's important to incorporate them with URL shorteners. I've often praised the awesomeness of, my favorite URL shortener. However, Google, like they usually do, has kicked in the door of my heart and delivered me a product that changes the way I think of making QRs, through their own URL shortening service, Full disclosure: I learned about this trick through a Tech Crunch article, but I wanted to pass on the how-to to you.

  1. Head over to Just like TinyURL or, you simply copy the address you want to shorten into the field, and out will pop the short address. So, for example:

    So, instead of giving out my full web page address [], I can simply give out my site [].
  2. Now, let's say that you want to make a QR code. All you have to do is add .qr to any site, and you'll get the QR code. So, for example, in my address bar, I type in, and...
It's about as easy as the method, but just a little different. Give it a shot!

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