Monday, August 13, 2012

Setting up your TAPA email account

Originally posted 8/3/11.

SO, full disclosure: I actually made this blogpost last year, before we figured out the settings were wrong. I just got it corrected, moments ago, so if you've had problems using it, try the new directions (  highlighted in yellow  ).

Part of the new technology program at Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy includes TAPA email, calendar, documents, and Blogger access, provided by Google through its Apps program. Every student will have an account to which much school communication will be delivered. Setting up your account is very easy to do:
  1. Log into your TAPA Google Apps account (via a computer). Log into your TAPA email at Your account name is the  last 4 digits of your ID, like , and your password is the last 4 digits your Student ID, followed by the "@" sign, followed by your family name (all lower case). So, for example, Stew Dent (ID #123456) would be, and his password would be 3456@dent.
  2. Change your password to something you will remember. You will always log into your Google Apps account with your full email address as the username (e.g. Your password will be whatever you change it to, so please remember it.
  3. Add your Google Apps account into your iPad. Under Settings on your iPad, click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar tab on the left side. Click Add Account, then GMail, fill in the following settings, and click next:
  4. TAPA Mail should now be configured to your device. Additionally, your TAPA calendar is also now configured, so any event you add onto your iPad will be automatically be synced to the internet (and vice versa).

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