Monday, September 5, 2011

What the heck is feminism?

Near the end of chapter 5 of The Pearl, John Steinbeck reveals a key difference between men and women through Juana's thoughts about her husband, Kino. Reading this paragraph inspired me to think on the topic of feminism a bit, and really, was a great excuse to post a  TED  video.

Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism | Video on

The assignment is to write a two paragraph writeup about The Pearl, chapter 5. Paragraph 1 should be a short summary of the chapter, while Paragraph 2 should be focused on how this video, the paragraph from the story, our in-class discussion, and your beliefs mix and match up. This is a deep response and shouldn't be something I would just read from a superficial level, so put work into this!

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