Friday, September 16, 2011

Reminder: YouTube Ballad projects MUST CONTAIN "Fair Use" declaration!

Last night, messing around on , I came across a few videos with songs digitally removed (by ) for copyright infringement! Again, a huge reminder: as I said before, you must include the copyright information in your video to make sure it's not blocked by those guys. Michael Chiu and Justin Chen were the first two guys to get this project done: let's take a look at what they submitted to me:

Michael's Video

Justin's  Video:

Below each video, you can see both guys did a great job of writing a little blurb (honestly, more to than to me) to prove it's for class, and then giving the copyright information, and, finally, using the phrasing:
Copyright 2001, Sony Music. Posted on YouTube via Fair Use for educational purposes.
Good job to those guys of starting us off right!

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