Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's to winning big? Blogging the two-sided story of instant success

Most people have fantasized over what they would do if they won the lottery: fast cars, new clothes, fancy vacations, and so much more. However, after reading The Pearl, you should find that there’s more to winning lots of money than meets the eye.

To realistically explore how you would do in this situation, you will create an imaginary blog diary for the events of five days in your life: two days before your big win and three days after you receive the money. The expectation is that, in the next week, you will go 5 days straight, writing at least two paragraphs about the day. You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Actually write two paragraphs each day for 5 days straight.
  2. Write all 5 posts and schedule them for five consecutive days. This is very easy to do. As you write your 5 posts, you'll change the date they are Scheduled at for 5 different days. (For example, Post #1 is scheduled for 9/8/11, Post #2 is scheduled for 9/9/11, Post #3 is schedule for 9/10/11, etc.)

    You'll be able to see your scheduled posts under Edit Posts at the top of your page.
  3. Write and publish all 5 posts without scheduling them and then, after publishing them, adjust their post date. This will be similar to Option #2, except all 5 posts have already been published. You'll just Edit Posts and, under Post Options (at the bottom of the page), you'll change the Post date and time to five consecutive days in a row. (For example, Post #1 is scheduled for 9/8/11, Post #2 is scheduled for 9/9/11, Post #3 is schedule for 9/10/11, etc.)
Write your diary in the first person, and include:
  • your normal daily activities, 
  • your emotions and feelings 
  • your relationship(s) with other people (family, friends, etc) 
Read the 3 "Winning Big" Articles on lottery winners to get an idea for what they experience after they lucked out. Also, consider what has happened in The Pearl. Do you think Kino felt like his prize was worth it? So, again, you will be writing 5 diary entries (minimum 2 paragraphs each), 2 from before the win, 3 from after the win. Your diary entry should reflect what you have been reading in class. The grade you get on this project will be almost entirely based upon how closely to what we’ve been reading in class you get to in your diary—if you only talk about the awesome stuff you buy, you’re not going to be getting a good grade!

These are due a week after they were originally assigned, meaning, for the A-Class, they are due September 14th, and for the B-Class, September 15th.

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