Monday, October 17, 2011

Demonstrate your skills for Speech class

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. The word glossophobia comes from the Greek γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, and φόβος phobos, fear or dread. []
First off, I've got to commend my Communication class for their amazing speeches this last Friday for assembly! They worked extremely pretty hard, and I think that, for the most part, the audience was pretty impressed with what the saw. They're not perfect speakers yet, but they're getting there, and I want to congratulate them all for stepping up (literally) and talking in front of everyone.

So now, after spending nearly half the semester on the first of 3 types of speeches (informatives), we'll move to my favorite one: DEMONSTRATION SPEECHES! As I've been telling you the last few days, these speeches will require you come up to the front of the room and teach/show us how to do something. Traditionally, these speeches rock because they're the chance for us to justify snacking in class. You can teach us how to cook something, how to do something, or how to make something, but it has to be something you do completely in front of us.

So, what should you be picking as a speech topic? Here are some options!

So, right off the bat, your first assignment is to select 5 possible speech ideas you'd be interested in presenting and blog them (one short paragraph each). Then, you'll fill out the Pre-Planning Process sheet, and start working on an outline! Get started!

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