Thursday, October 13, 2011

So... about those Medieval projects... what are they?

So, earlier, when I was talking about those create-your-own-projects, I realize I never actually told you the fun part: What exactly are we doing? We've assembled 11 groups over a few different subject areas. You will not be selecting your own teams: you will be selecting the top 5 projects you would like to do. I'll do the hard work of trying to get people with groups that'll fit best. Here's the 11 projects that you may choose to do:

Group: Project Managers
Description: Lead the entire project for all groups; support other groups in any ways they require; advise groups in their projects.
Members (2): Beverly, Sean
Group: Poster
Description: Create a large poster, to the Project Managers' specifications, that all other groups will adhere to; creation of a visual outline.
Members (3): 
Group: Printing Press
Description: Build a working model of a printing press; record steps on video for poster; possibly narrate video onto a brief history.
Members (3): 
Group: Fashion
Description: Make some sort of visual representation (infographic? poster? presentation?) of the fashion of the time and why it was what it was.
Members (2): 
Group: Black Plague/Medieval medicine
Description: Explain what the Black Plague was; do an experiment comparing bacteria "contaminated" music to clean water; Powerpoint w/ results.
Members (3):
Group: Chivalry
Description: Narrated presentation of some of the rules of chivalry; some of the famous stories of King Arthur.
Members (2): 
Group: Robin Hood
Description: Research and produce a 10-15 minute interpretation of the Robin Hood myth. 
Members (4): 
Group: Magna Carta
Description: 7-10 minute Mock TV interview with both King John and one of the Barons opposing him.
Members (3): 
Group: The Crusades
Description: Make some sort of visual representation (infographic? narrated presentation?) of what the Crusades were about, etc.
Members (2): 
Group: Music
Description: Typical medieval music; create/perform Middle Age-inspired ballad.
Members (3): 
Group: Feudalism
Description: Narrated presentation of how Feudalism works; be able to explain it to a 7-year-old.
Members (2): 

The assignment is after the break.

Here's the assignment: Go through and take this little survey so I can figure out who should work on each group. Remember—you are not selecting teams! Don't feel like you can get me to put you with your friends by coordinating your selections. This project will be self-directed, so choose a topic that you'd be interested in researching!

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