Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Verb tenses: The Bane of Sophomores

In reading English II assignments this semester, I'm seeing a pretty common trend: students are really struggling with verb tenses. For this reason, I want to spend some time focusing on this easy-to-cure problem, once and for all. During Wednesday and Thursday English II classes, we'll spend some time focusing on verb tenses and what makes them work. Students would be smart to download the above chart to their iPads to use offline.

The assignment will be to's Verb Tenses Tutorial page and complete each of the 30 exercises and tests by Noon on Sunday, October 16th. Once you have completed each test successfully, you will take a screenshot of the score (like below).

If you don't know how to screenshot on an iPad, its really easy. All you do is click the home button (basically, the only button on the front of the iPad, near the bottom) and the power button at the same time. (You don't hold them down—only click.) When you do it correctly, your screen will flash and you'll hear the camera shutter sound. You can then go to the Photos app and see the picture you just clicked.

As proof that you did all 30 exercises, I will ask you to make a blog post by October 16th with all 30 screenshots labeled, and in order. Make sure that the width of the images is not greater than 400px—otherwise, no points!*

*The easiest way to do this is to go to the Edit HTML of the blog post, find your image HTML, remove the part that says "height=333px", and then change "width=333px" to 400px. See me if you need more help with this.

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