Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brit Lit Sunday To-Do: 1) Medieval projects & 2) ShowMe Sonnets

Well, I warned ya.

For British Lit students, you have two pretty big assignments due early this next week—your aforementioned Medieval projects and the assignment where you use Show Me Whiteboard or Screen Chomp to explain my lecture on Sonnets (featured below):

The Medieval projects are due on Sunday, as I said earlier. Please email them to Sean, Beverly, and myself so we can start to process and put them together.

As for the ShowMe projects, I've decided to excercise some mercy and extend the deadline until Monday (for the A-Day class) and Tuesday (for the B-Day class). Not a huge extension, but I'm willing to give it to ya because I know these will look amazing on the blogs!

Have a busy weekend!

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