Friday, November 18, 2011

This should be what your blog posts look like!

[NOTE: Ok... so no one, in either English II class, did this. I'll give one more chance on this assignment. It's now due by this Sunday, November 20th, at Noon. Also, it will be worth twice as many points. Please take a few minutes to read the following and do it so you don't lose free points. ~Mr. Webb]

So I've been grading your blogposts (that I'm totally behind on grading) for the last few days, and I stumbled upon, perhaps, the greatest student blog post I've ever seen. This is a MUST-READ, especially for English II students.

Context: In reading Life of Pi, we came across a moment a few weeks ago where an orangutan (named Orange Juice) on a lifeboat saved the life of the protagonist from a lion.* After this happens, the titular character (Pi) says:
Her arms were spread wide open and her short legs were folded together and slightly turned to one side. She looked like a simian Christ on the Cross. Except for her head. She was beheaded.
Using the transitive property of literary symbolism, we saw that there was a connection between Orange Juice and Jesus.
Orange Juice = -shape
Jesus = -shape
Therefore, does Orange Juice = Jesus? 
The assignment, then, was to write an analysis on this idea and how this is the case. In all the responses, Betty Liao's writeup was that of a level-100 ROCKSTAR. Unbelievable job with the writing, the ideas, the grammar, and the pictures.

The assignment (due for all English II students by 12:00 noon on Sunday [NOVEMBER 20TH]) is to go to her post and leave a comment. The comment must follow the rules of commenting from earlier in the semester:
  1. compliment the writer in a SPECIFIC way.
  2. ask a question related to the post.
  3. add new information, opinions, or perspectives.
As you're commenting, pay attention to what she did to earn my admiration and try to duplicate that in your own future blog posts as well.

*If you haven't read this book, don't ask—just go and read it yourself.

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