Monday, January 16, 2012

Why does your communication succeed or fail? Ask Shannon... or Weaver...

So here's something some of you Communications Class people might not have thought of (yet):
You want to be heard.
That's why you're supposed to be in this class; you want people to listen to you. Some of you might want to hide or not be in front, but the entire point of the class is to train you to get people to listen to you. It's a philosophical difference that you, as a student, must be aware of and begin to embrace.

So how, then, do you maximize your listen-abilityTM? By being aware of the Shannon-Weaver model of Communication:

We will have discussed this together in class, but your assignment (the more important part), is to practice identifying the 5 components of it. Your job is to fill out this worksheet, upload it to Scribd (instructions here), and then post it to your blog by next class [Wednesday]. I can help you out with doing this if you need some assistance, but only if you come to me before Wednesday.

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