Thursday, March 8, 2012

Curious about Friday?

***Update*** By the way, are you interested in owning the full, premium version of Frame Magic? The first 19 students to comment on this page will get the entire app ($1.99 value) for FREE. Do it!

Interested in the details of the Field Trip on Friday? Please, if you have a few minutes, go to this link (or scan in the QR to the left) and download the ZIP file to Goodreader. This file is absolutely necessary to succeeding (and having fun!) tomorrow! Don't wait until Friday morning—get it now and be one step closer to the sweet spoils of victory!

Also, if you want to be really really awesome, watch these 3 videos and make sure you know how to do all 3 things!
  • How to unzip a file in Goodreader

  • How to annotate (write on) a PDF in Goodreader

  • How to use Frame Magic


  1. I would like to have the full version of that app for free :)

  2. I can't import from existing files =/

  3. But didn't he say the free version is exact the same as the full version? Whatever, I would love to have it, too!

  4. *raises hand* I would like it as well.