Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vote for me, or DIE: Fallacies + Persuasion speeches

Originally posted 11/21/11.

A few days ago, I started the following presentation:

Your first assignment was the 3  videos—one for each category of rhetorical fallacy we studied.
Shoutout to Janelle for a great/terrible example
of a slippery slope!

The second assignment is to write a 5-7¶ "campaign speech" (following the typical outline). You are running for SA president against a speech class classmate using as many rhetorical fallacies as possible. You are writing this in a paragraph style (as opposed to an outline) because, as you are using rhetorical fallacies, you will  highlight and label  what fallacies they are.

By next Monday, you should have the 5-7¶s uploaded to your blog. During class, you will present your speech to the rest of the class. I will give extra points to
  1. whomever I feel is the most convincing, and
  2. who correctly uses and identifies the most rhetorical fallacies
This should be the worst speech you do all semester, so get out all your terrible-ness!

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