Saturday, March 3, 2012

A weekend reminder for those Communications class fools...

Let me guess: you're in Communications class, and you forgot what was due by next class. Don't worry--you stink. Here it is again:
  1. Video Self-Evaluations: By Monday, have a Video Self-Evaluation completed. You can either post them to your blog (through Scribd), or you can hand it in on paper (but you've got to print it out yourself).

  2. 2-3¶s about Demo(s) #1, #2, and #2.5: So you've done 2 Demo speeches, and now, you're going to do a 3rd 2.5th Demo in the cafeteria, next week, in front of everyone*. Now, like I said, you can choose to do a 3rd, different Demo topic, or you can just redo one of the first 2 you've already done. No matter what you decide, I would like you to write 2-3 solid paragraphs about:

    1. how you did on both your Demo #1 and Demo #2.
    2. how you have improved in this class so far.
    3. which speech you plan on doing in front of everyone (and why).
    4. what changes you must make to amaze your new audience.

    Remember, you are to post these to your blog, and the sooner you post them, the happier I'll feel as I grade them.

  3. Bring an ouline: Lastly, bring the outline of whatever speech you plan on redoing (or, if you're going to do a new speech, bring the completed new outline) on your iPad, preferably on QuickOffice (or some type of editing program). You'll be work-shopping the outline with some partners, and they'll be trying to make your speech something that won't embarrass me in front of the whole cafeteria even better.
Done and done. Now, if you'll excuse me, Mrs. Webb and I are about to partake in the annual "For Both of Our Birthdays, Why Don't We Go To A Concert"Concert. This year, the band will be the great Death Cab for Cutie. What a kick-butt Saturday night!

*Everyone that stays in the cafeteria for lunch, that is.

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