Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Wasn't I supposed to look for a job?" Don't forget your Comm homework!

Wow, long time, no write, right?

In the middle of a well-deserved weekend, I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder blogpost to the winners in Communication class of what their assignments for the weekend are:

  1. Video self-evaluation for your last informative speech (which I emailed you already).
  2. Finish the High School Resumes—Fill-in-the-blanks packet from pages 3-6.
  3. Go to and, under Jobs & Careers, click "Entry-level Jobs" (or this link). Look through the many pages of jobs, and find 3 that you think you would be qualified for. Write a blogpost with the address* of each job posting and a paragraph about why you would be qualified for it, times 3!

"She  has a nice smile." —Jessica
Have a nice weekend!

*Remember—to get the address, you have to open up the job posting in a new tab and give me that address. If you give me as the address, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.


  1. i didn't get the video self evaluation for the infomative speech it different from the others? i thought it was, so i didn't do the it on the same video self-evaluation sheet

  2. Nah, the same. But you already knew that. OR DID YOU. *Lightning*