Sunday, July 22, 2012

That time you awkwardly bump into your old blog you forgot about for 2 months.

"OH, hey blog. How you doing? Wow, you look great! It's been a long time... what, since May? May 14th?

"...where have I been? Oh, you know, just really busy. The end-of-the-year came really fast, you know, with final exams and grades due and graduation all that, so there wasn't any time to get ahold of you and tell you how things were.

"Yeah, and then right after all that, I went back to the 'States to see my family, rest up, and everything. Oh, you saw the Facebook pictures? Yeah, I did enjoy myself, sure. Yeah, that was Dominican Republic. Yeah, it was a good time. Did I have internet access? I mean, yes and no; we had it, but it was slow, so I couldn't get into contact with you, ya know. It's kind of tough to travel, right? Yeah, you know...

"How long have I been back in town? Oh, a couple of weeks. We moved to a new apartment, so our lives have been up in the air with cleaning and moving in and reorganizing, all that. I was wanting to get ahold of you soon to jut check with you to see how it's all been, but with my summer American Lit going on, it's just been nuts.

"I know, it really is great to see you too. I've thought about you a lot, lately, and all the good times we had. They were good times, weren't they? We had some fun. Look, I know it might be really soon... but... well, are you seeing anyone else? No? So, would it be ok if... like... I posted to you sometime? For old time's sake? Really? You sure you'd be ok with it?

"Seriously, blog, I have missed you. I think about all the fun we had, all the things we went through, every problem, every victory, and... look at me, getting emotional. I just missed you. That's all."

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  1. hahahaha WOW Mr. Only you would post something in this manner.

  2. This is super lame man... It's like a diary.... Hahahahahahahahahahhaahha