Sunday, September 2, 2012

Challenging the beast: Writing a Beowulf boast announcing your awesomness

Is this the most difficult assignment I give out? Most students struggle to write their Beowulf Boasts, poems where we narcissistically brag about just how epic we are. In 15-20 lines, students write alliteration-filled psalms to their own greatness. As I explained it a number of times, this is essentially a Hakka, like the video above, aimed at a student's greatest enemy.

Below is a list of all the students in my British Lit classes. The assignment is for every BritLit student to go to 5 other blogs and comment on them. In class, we talked about using the Sandwich Principle (positive-negative-positive) to comment on someone's post; in the past, I've written about good commenting techniques. For this assignment, I'd like to debut the second part of TOASTJAM (logically).

When commenting on blog posts, you MUST use do at least one of the following:

  • Join the conversation by adding new information, opinions, or perspectives.
  • Ask a question related to the post.
  • Make a specific compliment about the post.

For this assignment, make sure that you're comment by using at least one of the above techniques. For A-day classes, have this done by Monday the 27th; for B-day classes, by Thursday the 30th.


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