Thursday, August 16, 2012

Praying for each of you, every day!

We talk about God a lot at TAPA, and I hope that students realize that this is because we all truly believe how powerful He is. We believe in Him so much, that, daily, we ask Him to come into our classes  help us all to learn, take care of us, and bless us. Whether you know it or not, every teacher at TAPA also prays for students, both in class and in our personal time. We want you to not only succeed in school, but to feel the awesome power that God brings into your lives.

In addition to praying for all of you, like I do every day, I'm adding in another prayer goal for myself: I want to pray for every student, specifically, twice this semester. If you click at the top of the page where it says "Prayer List" (or at the embedded sheet below), you'll find a list of all my students for this semester. If you're one of my students, you'll find your name on that list. On the date next to your name, know that I'll be praying specifically for you in whatever you're doing.

If you want to come find me and pray with me, cool. If you want to tell me ahead of time what to pray for specifically, great. If you don't really want to, that's fine, too. No matter what, I'll be asking God to take care of you and be with you, not only for that day, but in all your endeavors.

Cool? Cool. Hey, Friday's almost here—have a good last day of the first week, and enjoy your weekend, too!

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