Monday, September 24, 2012

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, episodes 7 & 8

As we study the Middle Ages in British Literature, I keep thinking of one of the greatest scholars and one of the greatest comedic minds in British history: Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame. Jones put out a really neat set of videos called "Medieval Lives" where he tracked just what it would be like living in the Middle Ages as each of the different significant players. For class (but not in class), you will be watching these videos and doing some responses to them. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

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<iframe width="480" height="270" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So, now what? Your assignment is to watch the above videos as soon as possible. Then, you are to record a 45-60 video second response, upload it to , and embed both my video and your response into one blogpost. The 45-60 second video response should be focused on

  1. things that you learned from the video, 
  2. what stood out for you as important or significant, or 
  3. something that connects to what you've studied in class.

It should not be 45 seconds of "I LIKED VIDEO-LAH, TEACH-AH." People outside of the classroom will be able to see this; don't embarrass me with superficial observations about how it was a funny video.

Each blogpost should have 2 videos, but only one episode; therefore, your essentially making two blogposts before each class. Got it? Here's the schedule:
  • Episode 1—Peasant (Due  9/17  &  9/20 )
  • Episode 2—Monk (Due  9/17  &  9/20 )
  • Episode 3—Damsel (Due  9/19  &  9/21 )
  • Episode 4—Minstrel (Due  9/19  &  9/21 )
  • Episode 5—Knight (Due  9/24  &  9/25 )
  • Episode 6—Philosopher (Due  9/24  &  9/25 )
  • Episode 7—Outlaw (Due  9/26  &  9/27 )
  • Episode 8—King (Due  9/26  &  9/27 )
Make sure each post is a separate episode, including my video (embedded) and your 45-60 second video response (embedded). Make sure your video responses are uploaded as public on ; if I can't watch it, it doesn't count. Also, try to title the post in a consistent way, like My response to Medieval Lives, episode #1—Peasant or something.

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