Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here's something I hate, and a way you can make sure I'm free of it

"A happy teacher grades you better than an unhappy teacher." ~Mr. Webb
Want to know something that annoys me? When I sit down to grade blogposts, read or watch your awesome work, come up with the score I'm going to give you... and then I see this:

That makes me unhappy. In fact, it really makes me angry. And, as you can probably see from the above quote, you don't want me to be angry.

So, interested in getting yourself a happier teacher? Of course you are:
  1. Go to your page. Once you get there, go into the Settings for your blog for my class.

  2. Change your Show Word Verification settings under Posts and Comments. Make sure you switch it to "No".

  3. Save the changes
Easy, right? It's so easy, in fact, that I will ask that you change this setting immediately.  From now on, each time I have to fill out word verification on your blog, I will lower your final semester score by 10%!  NO FORGIVENESS ON THIS! So do it right now!

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