Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Configuring your blog for iPad use with the Mail app

Once you've set up your blog, the next step is to configure it for mobile use. There are two ways to do this: through a secret email address or through Blogsy, the blog publishing app endorsed by Mr. Webb. This manual will teach you how to use the former method involving the mail app.
  1. Get into your blog's settings panel. You'll have to log in, click on your blog's name, and click Settings. 
  2. Find the Email & Mobile sub-heading and scroll down to Posting Options. There will be a custom, fill-in-the-blank email address that you can add a secret word, such as this:

    This basically gives you the ability to publish to your blog by emailing yourself with the use of a secret word. So, for instance, if I set my Mail2Blogger account to, it will look like this*:

    Now, I send an email to that address...

    Then this will happen:

  3. Edit at will. From here, you can go in and format, add pictures, video, or whatever you need.
The process for doing this off the iPad is exactly the same, in terms of just emailing it to the site's secret address. Don't give your secret word out, by the way, or anyone else can post stuff to your blog! 

*Keep in mind that it's set to publish upon receiving the email. If you want to be able to check how it looks before publishing or just to add some pictures, video, formatting in before publishing, set it to Save emails as draft posts. However, remember that it won't publish automatically then, so you'll still have to go in and manually press the publish button on that post.

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