Monday, October 10, 2011

Looking for some extra points? Let your parents score you extra credit!

Often times, students ask me for extra credit, and usually all the time, I say no. As a whole, I don't believe in extra credit in class. In fact,

the only ways to earn points in my class are to:
  • Do your assignments better.
  • Turn in your red Get out of Jail Free bathroom cards at the end of the semester. (Limit 5 per student)
  • Volunteer to do extra assignments/presentations for class.
However, after many requests, I'd like to make another way for you to get your points up available. On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 26th, TAPA will have Parent-Teacher Conferences. Each year, I always complain that I have 2-3 parents to meet with, and other teachers have afternoons full of meetings! I'm jealous, and it's time to fix that.

So here is the plan: I will award extra points to students whose parents come to Parent-Teacher Conference with me. Before you come, though, you must write me one paragraph explaining specifically why your grade is what your grade is. That paragraph must be done before you show up to PTC. Your parent may bring in the paper, but I must have it during the meeting. Your parents and I will discuss what you wrote, so make sure that the paragraph has specifics.

So again, the two parts of this are

  1. you write a paragraph about why your grade is what it is before Parent-Teacher Conference and
  2. your parent comes in and meets with me.

Doing one of the two things will not, under any circumstances, earn you extra points. Good luck!


  1. Thank you, Mr. Webb!!! :)
    How many extra credit points will we receive though?

  2. Some :-) Seriously, though, parents meeting with me doesn't earn extra points; writing the paragraph doesn't earn extra points; only doing BOTH will.