Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make Made your teacher proud: Canterbury Tales videos a success!

As a lioness in a tree is known to howl across the savanna...

Operation Make your Teacher Proud, by my count, was a huge success! It's around noon on Tuesday, and with a few exceptions, I've got a handful of videos to grade enjoy! Congratulations, everyone, they look great. I'm really pleased that we saw the entire gamut of video production on this one—live action, CG, cartoons, and even finger puppets. So awesome!

Ok, here's the super-easy homework, then: What I would like for everyone to do is to screen each video (below) and comment on at least 3 of them. Now, each student in the group is supposed to have added their video to their blog, so to make it fair, I'd like for you to leave your comment on their video page. This way, every group member will see the comment, not just the person you'd posted on.

Remember, when you're commenting, to use at least one of the three commenting techniques we discussed earlier in the class:
  1. compliment the writer in a SPECIFIC way.
  2. ask a question related to the post.
  3. add new information, opinions, or perspectives.
Please have this done by your next class with me (Thursday for the A class, Friday for the B class).

Videos are below:

The Knight's Tale (Enoch, Jonathan, Nadia, Yalisa)

The Wife of Bath's Tale (Esther, Linda, Sean)

The Friar's Tale (Angela, Tristan)

The Summoner's Tale (Emily, Ivy, Jason)

The Clerk's Tale (Emmanuel, Jane, Vivien)

The Merchant's Tale (Elaine, Justin, Kotomi, Tim)

The Franklin's Tale (Kevin, Michael, WinWin)

The Physician's Tale (Beverly, Sky, Timmy)

The Shipman's Tale (Andrew, Cynthia, Florence)

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