Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reap what you've sown: Rate your POV movie partners

As we continue to read The Diary of Anne Frank, we need to get some other book-keeping stuff done, and one of those things has to do with your  POV movie projects. If you remember, I told you, at the beginning of that project, the four things I'd need from you at the end:

  • POVs in a Fable chart 
  • 4 scripts, one for each perspective 
  • 4 movies, edited, 2-3 minutes long each 
  • Group rating quiz, at the end of the project, where you will rate how your fellow group-members contributed to this project 

Now, pretty much everyone has turned in the 4 movies, and I have a few groups 4 scripts—if I don't have those, I need them. I also need the POVs in a Fable chart, which is the back side of the sheet I gave you.

The big, final thing I need is that Group rating quiz, where you are to honestly evaluate how each of your classmates contributed. It is very important that you're absolutely honest—none of the other group members will know what you rate them as. I'll be the only one who knows their scores, so don't feel like if you give them a bad score, it'll get back to them.

To take that quiz, either scan in the QR at the top or click here. You'll need to select the group member and do the entire quiz for each group member, so expect to take this (short) quiz 4 or 5 times! By the way, please rate yourself!

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