Monday, December 17, 2012

EXTRA, EXTRA: British Lit students got your Christmas reading here!

For their final project of the semester, British Literature students were assigned to show how much they understood William Shakespeare's Macbeth by making a graphic novel interpretation of the famous story. If you're looking for some cool comics to read over the Christmas break, consider a few of these great stories!

A Day
Aleena and Belle
Annika and Sally
Brian and Samuel
Chanda and Emily
Christine and Kevin
Joyce and Sian
Kelly and Mandy
Patrick and Robert

B Day
Amy and Anderson
Grace C. and Janelle
Grace Y. and Kathrina
Krikki and Vivian
Minnie and Takako

Thanks so much for your hard work, Brit Lit—excellent job!

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  1. MR WEBB
    There are so many pictures missing!!!!
    is it because of technical issue?