Sunday, January 13, 2013

DEATH TO PPT. / Haiku Deck's superior, / and you'll see how.

I hate Powerpoints. They're ugly, they're redundant, and they're crippling to speakers. You could be the greatest speaker in the world, and when a Powerpoint appears behind you, you'll find a way to sneak peeks at the hideous monstrosity and be directed by its rigid bullet-infested format. That's the #1 reason I've not had Communications class students use presentation software as a part of their speeches—chances are, if they do, they'll simply read the main points off the screen and turn their minds off.

That's why I immediately fell in love with Haiku Deck—it's an iPad app that forces you to take all that bland, basic information and translate into its key points. With Hauku Deck, you're limited to how much information you can put on a slide, so a long, bullet-infested slide turns into a short phrase. It also features stunning images and really cool fonts, and it's super quick to put together a deck. Basically, it's the best presentation software I've seen for the iPad.

British Lit students will be using this on Monday and Tuesday to create a characteristics presentation, so take a peek at my sample (that took me <60 seconds to make) to figure out what I'm looking for.

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